your inner


North-east-counselling-services will provide you with unparalleled therapy. As your counsellor I have only one objective, this is to facilitate a warm and empathetic space where you can share your present and innermost difficulties in a relationship that is bound by the Ethical framework of the BACP. A Vacuum where you can explore your thoughts beliefs and emotions, with the unique opportunity to learn skills that will help you overcome the obstacles that you face. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy(CBT) is a model that can help you to develop a formulation about the issues troubling you, whilst at the same time help you choose the goals that will enable you to overcome your difficulties. Concurrently you will feel un-judged and safe, and accepted for who you are and where you wish to be.

As a therapist I will endeavour to use my insight and experience, to enable you to reflect and share your concerns. I will never make promises of a cure, but I will be committed to providing you the best service that will benefit you and support you in a professional and therapeutic manner. There are no myths of how I work as a therapist and full transparency is one of my key assets.