Naftoli Lifschitz

My name is Naftoli and I am 42 years old. I Studied in Gateshead Yeshiva-Jewish college and received rabbinical ordination from the Gateshead Chief Rabbi. I have always believed that life has its twists and turns, and I have first-hand experienced difficulties. By nature I always looked for ways to help friends who were stuck, and never liked to hear gossip. This is partly because I saw the damage and effect it had on humanity and more personally because I at times was at the receiving end of someone else’s gossip. I believe so strongly that I have no right to judge anyone, and no matter what choices people make I have no right to pass judgement since I do not know what it is like to walk in their shoes. I chose to become a counsellor because I saw how many people needed a listening ear and support to help them achieve their goals, and counselling was a professional way of allowing this to happen and to be able to reach out for all those that sought answers. I have been for my own personal therapy, so I know what it feels like to be client, and therefore I have done my best to ensure that my clients feel comfortable to share their troubles whilst feeling that there is hope at the end of the tunnel.


I have practiced CBT since 2010 working as a volunteer for the NHS in a GP surgery. I work specifically with adults aged 17 and over, and have experience working  with multi-ethnic and cultural clientelle. I received my Masters in counselling in 2013, and have since then been working in private practice working for EAP programs and Bupa. I became accredited with the BACP in 2016 and adhere to the BACP ethical framework. My specialty is Anxiety and depression and stress related disorders, however I have experience in working with clients suffering due to bereavement and OCD. I have supervision which helps maintain my practice, and to ensure that all clients receive the best quality service. I generally manage to help clients achieve their goals within 6 sessions although when necessary I am willing to extend the contract for a further 6 sessions. I am properly insured with towergate insurance and have certificates that validate my skill set. I know my limits and will always refer on to another therapist if I was not able to help you.


Accredited Member of BACP


Registered Member of 



Foundation Degree in Counselling-Sunderland University


Counselling skills certificate-COSCA


MA In Counselling-

York St Johns University